Welcome to our store and a new world of beneficial and therapeutic Aura Sprays. Not only do they smell beautiful, but they are enhanced with elements which make them actively ‘healing’ as well.

Oprah Winfrey said recently that ‘Everything is Energy’ – we agree!! These Aura Sprays re-balance and ‘shift’ the energy in your aura, which then inevitably feeds back into the body and mind. The result is energetic and physical balance.

“The essence of health is finding balance.”

Grounded in ancient and time honoured practices of aromatherapy, and thoroughly modernised by the inclusion of calibrated energy and informational elements of healing, these aura healing sprays create powerful equilibrium at a very subtle level.

Each spray has its own unique properties and can be used as a space, body or aura spray – harnessing the newest modern form of healing – ‘informational clearing’. Each spray is calibrated to contain very unusual, beneficial remedies like gem essences, homeopathic remedies, herbal essences, flower essences, cosmic eurhythmy and the energy of ancient Goddesses which help to clear old, negative energy and to create balance in quite magical ways. Expect to feel paradigm shifts using the sprays as they cleanse the auric field, which is where many blockages and issues reside which may be negatively impacting the way our energy is arranged around and affecting the body…………..

Prepare to be delighted and entranced and to feel fundamental shifts…..step into a new paradigm of energy medicine and informational balance........or simply use them to maintain your already finely tuned equilibrium.....xx